About Me

Javier Arzola Gómez

Born in New Jersey but lived most of my life in Puerto Rico. I'm an Entry Level IT Professional from the Ana G. Méndes University who have always enjoyed a bit of everything from Movies, to TV Shows, Gaming, and much more.

Recently completed a Google IT Support Professional Certificate and I'm currently potentially looking to acquire:

  • Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate
  • Meta iOS Developer Professional Certificate

I ended up studying a Computer Technology and Networks - Associates Degree due to my curiosity of learning Software Programing, and my enjoyment of using other Operating Systems like Linux, and currently now MacOS.

I've always enjoyed tinkering with different Linux Distos and Programing Languages, and I also built my first computer in 2013. All of it way before y started College, which ended up being a massive influence on my decision to pursue a career in Tech.

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